Giving back to society

Meet Michelle “A company like the Volvo Group consists of people, this is what matters most. We therefore have to take care of people first, and social responsibility is a way to do so.” Michelle Yao, Assistant of Finance & Strategy, was at the Volvo Ocean Race in Guangzhou.
Michelle Yao, Assistant of Finance and Strategy.
Michelle Yao, Assistant of Finance and Strategy.

We had a chat with Michelle during the Guangzhou stopover of the Volvo Ocean Race. She was selected as one of eight volunteers to accompany school children from Hope Schools to the Volvo Ocean Race Village. The Volvo Group supports these primary schools through infrastructure development and extra classes like arts and sports.

We asked Michelle about her passion for corporate social responsibility programs.

Why are you excited about corporate social responsibility (CSR)?
Corporate social responsibility is a personal journey for me. My family and community have given me so much and as a result I can enjoy a stable life today. I became a volunteer at the Volvo Group because I feel it’s a natural way to give back to society. It’s important to cherish what you have and help others who don’t get those same chances.

Giving back to society

During the Volvo Ocean Race you accompanied school kids from rural regions in China. What are your dreams for them?
I care about the education system in China. Going to school is still a big challenge for many of these kids. In rural areas there aren’t many schools and the children have to travel far to get there. That is why I am a volunteer at the Hope Schools. The Volvo Group has supported four of these primary schools for the past five years and we want to bring warmth and love to them despite their difficult circumstances.

What do you appreciate about working at Volvo Group?
The open working culture is the most cherished aspect for me. I like that there is very little hierarchy. As Volvo is my first job, I am especially thankful for this.

With which animal would you compare the Volvo Group?
An elephant! The elephant is really big but it’s not aggressive - it is well known and well liked.