Inspiring the public

Tom was a volunteer during the Guangzhou stopover of the Volvo Ocean Race where he accompanied children from the Volvo Hope Schools. The Volvo Group supports these rural schools through infrastructure development and extra classes like arts and sports. Here he shares his experiences…
Tom Liu, Commodity buyer, Group Trucks Purchasing.
Tom Liu, Commodity buyer, Group Trucks Purchasing.

Meet Tom Liu

What was the purpose of your visit to the Volvo Ocean Race?
We wanted to show the eight children from the Volvo Hope Schools what the company is all about. Together we visited the Science Center, cultural and technical landmarks in Guangzhou, and the Volvo Ocean Race Village. They discovered a different world to their own - for some of them it was the first time they saw a boat or Western people!

I know how important experiences like these are for kids - giving them special care and attention. Somewhere in the future, I will remember with fondness their excited faces. They brought happiness to my life and this has changed me.

According to your experience, what makes the Volvo Group a good employer?
I have worked at the Volvo Group in Beijing for 11 years and know that it is a responsible company with a good reputation. We respect each other and we work in an open atmosphere. We sell quality products to the public while also caring for the environment. At the Volvo Ocean Race Village, I was struck by the company’s commitment to fighting plastic in our oceans.

Inspiring the public

How else is the Volvo Group taking care of the environment?
We are very careful about how our products influence air quality and we pay special attention to fuel consumption. I am in purchasing where we make sure our suppliers also incorporate environmental care into their daily work.

Why are you involved in corporate social responsibility (CSR)?
Every time I mention the Volvo Group to my friends I feel proud, even more so because we pay attention to making lives better. I am inspired when I can be part of a CSR project that broadens children’s horizons. I want to encourage my colleagues across the world to also become involved.