Vaishali is impressed by the Volvo culture

Vaishali Pandya’s job is stressful but fun. As a team leader at Volvo Group plant and distribution center in Bangalore, India, she must make quick decisions, while also staying on top of more long-term issues.
Vaishali Pandya

The day begins with a team breakfast on site, but the tempo soon quickens. By 8am, Vaishali Pandya had her first meeting. Together with the support manager and the quality manager, she analyses yesterday’s results. How successfully have they fulfilled orders, while managing any quality problems or delays that arose? Vaishali Pandya takes note of what she needs to follow up.

As a team leader Vaishali Pandya must both focus on the day’s deliveries and work systematically with overall issues relating to timeliness, quality and processes. This also requires close co-ordination with the outsourced activities of Maximum Retail Price stickering and packing.

“Good planning is the key. It’s the leader’s responsibility to ensure that the team moves in the right direction and delivers the best possible service to customers,” she says.

The way to achieve this is through building good relationships in the workplace. Everyone must know their role and be prepared to give and receive feedback. This is an area where the Volvo Group stands out, according to Vaishali Pandya.

She only joined the company in May 2017 and was immediately impressed by the friendly and respectful atmosphere.

“At first I wanted to work for the Volvo Group because of its reputation for high-quality products, but now I’m even more impressed by the Volvo Group culture,” she says.

Vaishali Pandya has worked in managerial positions in other companies, but she is the first woman to lead a team at a Volvo Group India warehouse.