Upgrading towards sustainability

As a winner of a Volvo internal challenge, Frank Yang experienced the Volvo Ocean Race in Cape Town. Frank is a Senior Manager of Dealer Business Development at Volvo Penta in China. Step into his shoes and discover his experience within the Volvo Group.
Frank Yang

How was your time in South Africa?
I felt so proud and lucky to be there! It’s a fantastic place. The people at the Volvo Ocean Race Village were very serious about tackling the problem of plastic, for example, we were encouraged to make use of glass water bottles only. This made a big impression on me and I asked our hosts for some of their material on environmental sustainability because I want to give a talk about this at my son’s school. As you know we have a big pollution problem in China.

What did you learn?
The world is changing and we have new technologies and logistical progress, but now is the time that the environment requires us to upgrade and deliver sustainable solutions.

Upgrading towards sustainability

How did you start at Volvo Penta?
When China was growing as an industrial power and Volvo entered the market, I was very impressed with the brand and its products. For instance Volvo Bus was the first company to bring high speed buses on our roads during the 1990s. This was the beginning of lots of good memories for many people. The brand became even more popular when we started to see Volvo cars and Volvo trucks around. I was thrilled when I got an offer from Volvo Penta: it gave me the opportunity to enter the Volvo Group and it’s been 12 years already!

How do you relate with Volvo values?
I tell my friends that I work for a company that is improving safety in their daily lives. I am very comfortable with the solutions we provide to customers and the core values Volvo stands for: quality, safety and environmental care.

What animal would you pick to describe Volvo?
The jaguar, because we are a company with lots of energy. We have clear targets and we move fast to achieve them.