A world class electromagnetic test chamber

In a world with more and more electronics, it is a must that the vehicles don’t get interfered by all the electromagnetic fields. Volvo Group will secure this by tests in a new world class test chamber, Awitar, in Borås, Sweden.
A world class electromagnetic test chamber

“EMC, or electromagnetic compatibility, has been important for many years. But the old test chambers don’t fulfill the needs for our future vehicles”, says Magnus Nilsson, head of electric testing, Volvo Group´s global truck technology and product development organization.

The new chamber is bigger which make it possible to test bigger and heavier vehicles which is important for the Volvo Group since the company test trucks, buses, large construction equipment and sometimes Volvo Penta engines installed in a boat.

“The new test chamber is also a prerequisite for us to test functions that is necessary for the development of vehicles that are electric driven, more automated and more connected to other vehicles and the infrastructure, areas that will put new demands regarding EMC”, says Magnus Nilsson.

“We need to secure that our vehicles can handle whatever electromagnetic environment and that the electronic equipment in our vehicles don’t disturb other functions, both our own in the vehicles and other functions in the society.”

In the new chamber it will be possible to test the vehicles in a broader frequency range and it is also better adapted to test the effects of wireless communication.

The Awitar chamber is 28 meter long, 18 meter wide and 12 meter high. Awitar is owned by the Swedish research institute RISE and the test chambers will be used by several of the Swedish automotive companies like Volvo Group and Volvo Cars.

“One positive thing that we share the chambers with other companies is that we there will build a competence center for EMC testing, says Magnus Nilsson. We will learn from each other.