Experiencing the home of Volvo

As winners of an internal contest, 4 Volvo Group employees enjoyed a trip to the Volvo Ocean Race while the fleet stopped in Gothenburg, an opportunity to feel the spirit of Volvo, experience the Volvo Ocean Race first hand and meet colleagues from all around the company.
Experiencing the home of Volvo
Helen Johansson - Product Quality Leader – Sweden, Galina Gavrilova - Operator – Russia, Shilpa Vijayakumar - Graduate engineer trainee - India, Ryan Reeves – Continuous Improvement facilitator - USA

Meeting colleagues from all around the world and becoming a team.
“We come from different countries, have different jobs in different entities, with different backgrounds, and yet we built strong ties with each other, this made the whole experience amazing.” Helen.

“I comprehend how truly diverse Volvo Group is, and between us four, we are the perfect illustration.” Shilpa

“It is wonderful to share our experience with Volvo, and some life stories. It is crazy how you can get on well with some people even when you that different.” Says Ryan

“Getting to know each other and experience this trip together will be a memory for life!” Galina

Experiencing the home of Volvo

From the assembly line to the driver’s seat.
As part of the 3 days trip, the 4 winners had the opportunity to drive trucks.

“I work on CAD models of the FH so being a driver for an hour and feeling the beauty of the truck in my hands made me feel like a part of it more than ever before.” Shilpa

“Driving the trucks I am working on in my plant in Kaluga reinforced the meaning of my job. I am proud to work with high quality product!” Galina.

Experiencing the home of Volvo

Learning about the Volvo Group.
“In the main entrance of the Volvo Ocean Race Village, the Volvo Pavilion and in the Lab, I felt the premium nature of Volvo, and how our values of performance, passion, customer success and trust are at the forefront. It illustrated who we are as a group, from our origins to where we are headed as a provider of sustainable transport solutions”, Shilpa.

“Even if I´ve have been at Volvo for 10 years there will always be new things to experience and learn. It was fun to see and try the new technologies in the Race Village. How the company is focusing not only on our own products and operations but also how they impact the environment is making me proud”, Helen.

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