Fighting pollution in China and increasing road safety in Indonesia

Learn more about, and get inspired by, the variety of projects that engage colleagues around the world to drive prosperity. This postcard is from China where air and water pollution are environmental hazards, and from Indonesia where truck drivers get the opportunity to renew and update their drivers licenses for free.
Fighting pollution in China and increasing road safety in Indonesia

Decreasing environmental footprint in China

Constantly increasing traffic is causing heavy impact on air and water pollution in China. In addition, waste oil is freely discharged from mechanic workshops into the sewage system, which then diverts the untreated water into lakes and rivers.

The oil contains organic acids and heavy metals, which are highly carcinogenic and may cause deformity of wild animals and vegetation. Today about 50 per cent of China's shallow groundwater is polluted to some extent, and about half of urban areas are exposed to serious groundwater pollution.

To help reverse the pollution trend, Volvo Penta China works actively with its authorized dealers to increase awareness about pollution. One important factor in exhaust reduction is to keep engines well maintained.

Therefore, the Heart-care inspection campaign was launched several years ago, with focus on engine inspection and customer training. Through the Heart-care campaign, engines can be maintained and kept in a good condition to avoid unnecessary emissions and reduce waste oil.   

The Heart-care inspection campaign brings several benefits, like establishing a trusting and loyal relationship with the customer through engine inspection and seminars.
It also promotes the authorized dealer parts sales and field service business.
Last, but not least it also helps enhancing environmental awareness and engagement among the employees.

Increasing road safety in Indonesia

In Indonesia, renewing and updating one's driver license is expensive and not always paid by the transport companies. This leads to the fact that many truck drivers are conducting their vehicles with inappropriate driver licenses.

Mr. Syamsul Mirwan, Chief of Operational Terminal Unit of Regional Office of Transportation of North Jakarta, got the opportunity to experience the inside of the UD Quester.

UD Trucks – together with the dealership Astra International – recently performed their annual driver appreciation event in the Indonesian capital Jakarta.

The event took place at the Regional Office of Transportation of North Jakarta, where the drivers were offered refreshments and information and road safety. In this event over 300 truck drivers participated.

This event became more special because it was combined with the local CSR program aiming at providing free driving licenses to UD Trucks customers' drivers to support safe driving.

While applying driving license, truck drivers had to do tests both in theory and in simulators at the Indonesian Traffic Police department. At the same time, it gave added value for them on how to drive safely.

The event plays well along with the UD Trucks' brand promise – Go the Extra Mile – by helping make sure that drivers arrive home safely. The event was very well received by the drivers who expressed their appreciation.

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