An open mind important for Patrícia

Patrícia Costa, team leader Volvo do Brasil, really enjoys working with people. And the team she works with is what makes her most proud. “I am proud to take part in an engaged and united group that is focused on quality and safety, and by extension living the Volvo Group’s values on the production line. These values are interweaved and part of our working routine.”
An open mind important for Patrícia

Patrícia Costa works as a team leader, at bus chassis assembly at Volvo do Brasil in Curitiba, together with seven operators.

“My job is to support the team with everything they need. Each day, we have a five-minute meeting on the line, where we talk about indicators such as safety and quality. I also manage training plans, standard work updates and carry out other tasks.”

What are the main challenges in your job?
“Dealing with people is the biggest challenge: paying attention to individual diversity and at the same time ensuring that everyone focuses on safety and quality.”

How does new technology impact your job?
“You need to be open minded and ready to acquire new skills. In this sense, training courses offered by the company play a key role. Technology evolves and so do we.

“In my case, as a team leader, new communication technologies are an important differentiating factor. With a mobile phone, which I always carry with me, I can share and receive information. That make things a lot easier and dynamic.

Another advantage – and challenge – is that workplace routines are never the same. The fast evolution of technology makes it quite hard to foresee what the workplace will look like in the future.”

Which of the Volvo Group’s values means the most to you?
“All values are important and essential for competitiveness, but customer success is synonymous with employment and increased production at the assembly line. Passion is key for keeping me motivated and happy in what I do.”

What do you do when you’re not working?
“I go to the gym Monday to Friday after work, for training and gym classes. I also enjoy going to concerts and the movies. At the weekend, what I enjoy most is to be with family and friends, preferably savouring a good barbecue. Being close to family and friends, going to the gym – it’s all about interaction. I work with people and knowing how to communicate is certainly a strong part of it.”

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