Christmas every day for Silvia

Silvia Costantini, operator at Volvo Group Distribution Center in Bologna, enjoys all the contact she has with suppliers and workshops. “I also love our building for its beautiful windows that let in lots of light and that everything is organised in a ‘Swedish’ way, with attention to the needs of employees.”
Christmas every day for Silvia

What are the main challenges in your job?

“My main challenge is to pick and pack the material the right way and send it on time.
Every day, we receive up to 1500 ‘order lines’ which should be shipped in the evening because the customer expects to have the goods by 9am the next day.”

How does new technology impact your job?

“In a good way! For example, we used to check items by ticking them off on a list with a pen – now we have small pocket PCs that tell us where we scan the part code.

New technologies help us speed up and optimise our job. But it shouldn’t be done in a way that is negative for people, so that we become subordinate to the machines.”

What do you like most about your job?
“It’s like having Christmas every day – I keep preparing packages!”

Which of the Volvo Group’s values means the most to you?
“For me, it’s passion! In our team, we always brainstorm to come up with new ideas for better solutions and then we share them with other colleagues, sometimes even in other parts of the Volvo Group.”

What do you do when you’re not working?
“A year ago, I started target archery, which is fun and sharpens my focus. That’s of course also a useful skill at work when I prepare orders. I am also very involved in the Volvo Friend’s Project that we have here at the distribution center to support young girls in India so that they can go to school.”