Renault Trucks on a mission in Uganda

Since 2012, Renault Trucks has provided the World Food Programme (WFP) with training specialists and a mobile workshop to help the organization’s mechanics across Africa maintain and repair their truck fleets.
Renault Trucks on a mission in Uganda

World Food Programme is a UN organization that fights against world hunger. Over the last five years of the partnership, Renault Trucks offered trainings in workshops management, fleet management, maintenance of vehicles, and “trainers’ training.” In total, Renault Trucks organized 15 training sessions for more than 190 WFP staff in several countries, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone.

The final session took place in November 2017 in Uganda—a country in which WFP provides food assistance to 1,300,000 people. In the capital of Kampala, nine WFP employees from seven regional countries attended the five-day “trainers’ training” session to learn how to train their local teams themselves.

For the first time Julie Marconnet, the partnership manager, was able to attend the training session and kept a daily diary about her experience: A week rich in encounters, workshops and local discoveries that ended with a graduation ceremony.

Back from her trip, Julie reflects on her journey: “Going to Uganda allowed me to discover WFP’s field activity and to appreciate the relevance of our partnership. I’ve been working on this project for more than five years, so it was really rewarding to meet and talk to participants and to note that our actions effectively contribute to improving WFP’s truck fleet. On a personal note, these five days were full of insightful encounters, including with WFP staff from sensitive programmes in countries such as Afghanistan, Sudan and Haiti. Those formal or informal discussions enabled us to deepen our relationship with the World Food Programme.”

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