CSR Initiative in Indonesia: Empowering truck drivers to drive safe

Held from 3rd to 5th April 2018 in Jakarta, the 8th ‘Driver Appreciation’ event, a joint effort by UD Trucks and Astra International UD Trucks (dealer) was a special one.
CSR Initiative in Indonesia: Empowering truck drivers to drive safe

‘Driver Appreciation’ events have been a regular feature since 2016. What made the 8th edition even more special was its association with a CSR initiative. As part of this initiative, Hub Indonesia was awarded a seasonal gift by the Volvo Group. With ‘safety’ as the main objective, this CSR project handed over free driving licenses to UD Trucks customers’ drivers.

The objective was to support and promote safe driving. Truck drivers play an important role in ensuring road safety. Providing appropriate driving licenses in addition to training on road rules, regulations and road signs are a great way of empowering truck drivers to drive safe.

Having taken place at the Regional Office of Transportation of North Jakarta and attended by 300+ drivers, the guest of honour at this successful event was Syamsul Mirwan – Chief of Operational Terminal Unit of Regional Office of Transportation of North Jakarta. Mr. Mirwan also had the opportunity to experience being inside the UD Quester.

Valery Muyard – President Director UD Trucks Indonesia emphasized the value of such events. “Excellent products have to be accompanied by excellent drivers. This goes hand-in-hand to ensure safe driving. Reliable products and Reliable drivers together can ensure Safe Driving.”
At UD Trucks, we believe in ‘going the extra mile’. These events are part of an ongoing effort to spread brand awareness while simultaneously taking steps to ensure drivers perform better and reach their home and family safe.

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