Everybody can do something

In a technology filled production at one of the Volvo Group’s largest sites, Fredrik Rosén shows that the people in the production are one of the biggest assets on the road to improvement and success.
Everybody can do something

Fredrik Rosén believes in Continuous Improvement, one of the corner stones within the Volvo Group.

“Everyone is encouraged to find new better ways of working in their everyday work, wherever they are; a great foundation for building the future industry” he says.

Fredrik is only 30 years, but has already worked for the Volvo Group for more than ten years. He started as an operator and then became team leader. Now he is working as a line manager in the assembly at the Skövde plant, a plant with almost 3000 employees supplying the Volvo Group with diesel engines and components.

“For me it is interesting to work in an industrial environment because we have so many operators that want to improve and make the production better. And for me as a leader it is all about giving them the right competence and conditions to make it happen. No one knows better than the operators how the work is done in the best way”.

“As a leader I have learned how efficient the team becomes when we get as many people involved as possible. Everyone doesn’t need to do big things but everyone can do something. When people feel that they are involved and that they can have an impact on things it’s much easier to build up their competence and make them grow and then you’ll get enormous results.”

 “It’s really important that we use all the creativity and give everyone the chance to increase their competence. Think of what you can achieve with all those brains we have in our industrial organization!”