Jenny works close to the customers

It was the transport industry and the rapid pace of change that attracted Jenny Nilsson to the Volvo Group and her job as an IT engineer.
Jenny works close to the customers

Now she works close to customers in order to make their everyday lives easier.

“In my job, I try to focus on the person,” she says. “It both develops you and keeps you interested.”

Jenny Nilsson holds a Master of Science in Engineering degree in the field of technical design, specialising in product design, from Luleå University of Technology, Sweden. When writing her thesis, she discovered the transport industry and the opportunities that sector has to offer.

“Transporting goods is a large and important part of society and the development of new technology and new types of vehicle, such as self-driving and electric vehicles, is very exciting. Change is happening fast, and this is where it’s happening,” she says.

For the last few months she has been working at the Volvo Group in Gothenburg. She’s part of a five-person UX team made up of different nationalities working closely together on the design of the interface for the Dynafleet application. Dynafleet is Volvo Trucks’ web-based transport information system. Its features include showing a vehicle’s location and fuel consumption, sending messages and displaying driving times.

Jenny works close to the hauliers and is tasked with creating an application that meets users’ needs in their day-to-day work. The users are predominantly the logistics managers who are responsible for the contact with the hauliers’ drivers on the roads.

She conducts regular interviews and tests with users in order to find out whether the website is easy to use, whether it is seen as intuitive and what the user perceptions of the overall experience are. For example, she investigates whether people can understand the various icons, whether the interface structure is simple and effective to access and whether the functionality matches users’ needs and expectations.

 “I try to understand the users’ needs in their day-to-day work and design the system based on that,” she explains.

She believes that the great advantage of her job is precisely that direct contact with the users, but also the creative side of it.

“I create value for our customers through my solutions,” she says. “It’s really cool to feel that I can make a difference.”

In future, Jenny hopes to be able to develop and progress within the Volvo Group and IT. She believes that the large, global company offers a great many opportunities.

“At the moment I work with our external customers, but there are also lots of interesting jobs internally, such as in the development of different IT systems for our employees. That sounds like an exciting challenge for the future,” she declares.

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