UD Trucks Thailand team was passionate to give a better living condition to the students and local community

Together with Jamlongchai Concrete, UD Trucks Thailand handed over the project “Make a dream for going the extra mile” to Ban Dongkean school remedied the loss of educational equipment during fire burnt down the classrooms last month. The handover ceremony was held on May 7th, 2018 attended by UD Trucks Thailand team together with teachers, students and people from the local community nearby the school. During this occasion, UD Trucks Thailand team volunteered to provide repair service for old and broken bicycles of the neighbors.
UD Trucks Thailand team was passionate to give a better living condition

The small Ban Dongkaen School is located in the northeastern region of Thailand, providing kindergarten and primary education with a total of 91 students and 11 teachers and janitor. One of the school's buildings which built in 1923 recently was burnt down due to an electrical fault of such an old building. 7 classrooms including the media room which all desktop computers, televisions for visual classroom and satellite dish got burnt down from this incident. Fortunately, there was no casualty because it was during the school break. However, the school is in need of supports in order to facilitate the students when the semester starts in the next few weeks.

As part of CSR activity supported funding by the Volvo Group as part of 2017 Seasonal gift project UD Trucks Thailand led by Mr. Kamlarp Sirikittiwatn, Managing Director of GTA&JVs Sales Hub Thailand and Mrs. Helen Savmyr, Senior Vice President of GTA&JVs Operations in associated with Jamlongchai Concrete, one of UD Trucks customers in the area, contributed 2 million Thai baht to build a recreational area and educational support equipment for Ban Dongkaen School in order to support a better students' well-being and education by building a futsal field and providing educational media equipment which consist of 6 units of Microscopes, 12 set of desktop computers and monitors and 6 units of 49" LED televisions for distance learning class. The handover ceremony includes project handover sign-off ceremony, project walk around and finishes with lunch.

Mrs. Wilaiwan Niruttikun, Ban Dongkaen school principle said "The fire happened on 3rd April 2018 and everyone was devastated because this means 91 students have no place to study and we also lost number of educational facilities. I would like to thank you Volvo Group, UD Trucks and Jamlongchai Concrete on behalf of students and teachers for this project. We all are happy and appreciated of what are being provided as education is the most important for children. "   

Mr. Kamlarp Sirikittiwatn stated during the handover ceremony, "We, UD Trucks Thailand, are very proud to be part of this CSR project. There is no doubt that children are the key foundation for the development of the country in the future and it is very important to provide them what they need for their education. We are "Going the Extra Mile" by not just providing them educational equipment but also building them the futsal field which is not only for the students but also the people in the community can also use for sporting purpose as well."

"This is my first time visiting this part of the country and I am very happy to be here to support this school that has been through a tough time. At UD Trucks, we would like to "Make the difference" not just to customers, but also to society. And seeing our workshop mechanics are repairing the bicycles and these kids are happily waiting to get their bicycle back reflects the above UD Trucks' commitment pretty well." added by Mrs. Helen Savmyr.

More than 100 people participated in this project handover ceremony including UD Trucks Thailand employees, Ban Dongkaen students, teachers and also local community in the area. UD Trucks Thailand is proud to be part of giving back to society and most importantly to bring back the happiness to these children for a better quality of life in school.

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