Melanie received great support in her career development

Melanie Marshall was called for two job interviews for different companies on the same day and she still does not know why she chose the one at Volvo Group Australia, but she is glad she did and puts it down to fate.
Melanie received great support in her career development

“From the minute I walked into the office in Brisbane,I knew this was the company I wanted to work for,” she recalls. “I got a really good vibe from the people I met and could feel there was a good company culture. I was expecting it to be a very

male-dominated industry, but there were a lot of women working there, which I think is always a good sign.”

Having started in 2013 as Aftermarket Brand & Marketing Coordinator for Volvo, Mack and UD Trucks in Australia, Melanie has since had abundant opportunities to expand into new roles and responsibilities. After visiting Gothenburg as part of her induction programme, she knew she wanted to live and work in Volvo’s hometown one day. In 2016, she achieved her goal after accepting a position with the International Sales area.

“When I started working for the Volvo Group, I had a fantastic boss who was very empowering and open minded,” says Melanie. “I’ve found the Volvo Group very supportive with professional development and life skills. I spoke openly with my manager at the time about my goals and together we developed a plan for achieving them.”


I’ve found the Volvo Group very supportive with professional development and life skills

Since relocating to Gothenburg with her husband, Melanie has begun studying Swedish at the Volvo Group University and hopes to continue her participation in the Leadership Pipeline programme, which she commenced in Australia.

“Back in Brisbane, I used to always say I’d love to move to Sydney or Melbourne for a change in lifestyle and it never happened, so people were sceptical when I said I wanted to move to Sweden,” adds Melanie. “But I’m here now and loving it. I’m experiencing a different culture and work life and pushing myself out of my

comfort zone. It’s not only been a great career opportunity but a life experience as well.”


As a global company, the Volvo Group offers numerous opportunities for an international career. Melanie Marshall is just one  example of people who have

packed up and taken on new roles in new countries, while staying within

the Volvo Group. Read more at our Career page.

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