Divya likes the open culture

The exact moment Divya Balasubramanian decided she wanted to work for the Volvo Group was in 2007, when she saw a Volvo CE articulated dump truck at a trade exhibition.
Divya likes the open culture

“I thought ‘that would be cool to work with’, so I looked Volvo Group up and they were hiring,” she recalls.

“I began working with electrical circuits, in a small team of just 15 people.”It was a good time to join, as the Volvo Group was growing in India and over the coming years, Divya would expand into different areas within electrical engineering.

Her personal highlights have been working on the new Volvo FH and UD Trucks’ Quester. “It’s great when it all comes together and you see the final truck. Even now, when I see a Quester, there is some personal pride because I was part of its development.

The Volvo Group is a good eco system if you want to grow

”Frequent opportunities to work in new areas and roles, along with the support and open dialogues she has always had with her managers, have been key to keeping Divya at the Volvo Group for so long. “Earlier in my career, I was firmly convinced I should be a project manager, but my manager thought I was better suited to team leadership,” she says. “So he let me try working as a sub-project manager. I soon realised that it wasn’t for me, that I’m a people person, not a task person, and my manager let me discover that for myself.”

In 2016 Divya and her family relocated to Gothenburg, where she now leads a team. At first, she found the transition difficult, but the support she has received from colleagues has been instrumental in helping to turn this around.

“It is a very open culture, which helps, but it is up to you to seek help – this is something I’ve learnt since moving here,” she says. “The Volvo Group is a good eco system if you want to grow. If you want to test ideas, you can put your hand up and it is possible to have an impact. But the onus is on you.”

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As a global company, the Volvo Group offers numerous opportunities for an international career. This is one example of an employee who have packed up and taken on new roles in new countries, while staying within the Volvo Group.

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