Volvo Buses - a world reference in transport system

With Volvo articulated and bi-articulates buses, Curitiba’s transport system has become a world reference. Internationally known as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) the model serve as inspiration for many other metropolises as a viable alternative in urban mobility, in particular in developing and emerging economies.
Volvo Buses - a world reference in transport system

Volvo Buses has a standout presence in Curitiba’s transportation system. Recently, the city received new bi-articulates of the B340M Gran Arctic model with advanced safety, comfort technologies and high degrees of connectivity.

“Volvo Buses are exceptional in organized public mass transit systems. We are very proud to have the best technology with low operating costs and high uptime. But this is not created overnight; the competence and knowledge has been built by our incredible people over the past 30 years.

It feels fantastic and I´m very proud that we have been chosen once again by the operators of the city’s system for this renewal”, states Fabiano Todeschini, President of Volvo Buses Latin America.

Connected Region Safety Management Service is the main standout of the new vehicles that started operating in Curitiba. The functionality is unprecedented in Latin America and reinforces our strengths in safety features.

Public transportation system in Curitiba has different speeds along the journey, varying from 20km/h (inside terminals), 40km/h (downtown area) and 60km/h (dedicated lanes).

“This technology increases safety in areas close to hospitals, schools, inside terminals and other sites with high pedestrian flows”, affirms Gilberto Vardânega, Commercial Director Volvo Buses in Brazil.

Volvo Buses - a world reference in transport system

Facts Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
Volvo Buses has pioneered the development of vehicles for bus-based high capacity urban transport systems, the so-called BRTs. Volvo Buses was the first to produce articulated buses in Brazil, still in the 80's, and in the early 90's it developed bi-articulated vehicles.

Currently, in Latin America, the BRTs presence in Bogotá, Cali, Rio de Janeiro and Goiânia are standout. They all operate with Volvo brand vehicle.


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