Renault Trucks uses drones for taking inventory and photographs of used trucks

Renault Trucks has started using drones in its Lyon axle plant to overcome challenges and increase efficiency in inventory taking. Drones are also used for taking better photographs for the used trucks e-commerce platform.
Renault trucks uses drones for taking inventory and photographs of used trucks

Taking inventory is often a tedious task for employees and the repetitive non-ergonomic movements involved can sometimes lead to musculoskeletal disorders. That is why the Renault Trucks axle plant situated in Lyon Saint-Priest, France, is now using a drone to perform inventory control operations. The work was previously was carried out manually by an employee using binoculars.

Correct inventory with drones

Using built-in mapping features and a predetermined flight plan, the drone reads the barcodes on the pallets using three scanners on its front. It can take an inventory of a location in six seconds, which is ten times quicker than with a manual system.

Photographs are also taken of each location, to identify any issues on the pallets.

It is easy for operators to learn how to use the device due to its intuitive interface. The device is completely autonomous.

Once the inventory is completed, the tool displays a visual indication of compliant and non- compliant locations. The drone guarantees accurate stock information and prevents production downtime.

"Photographer" drones for the used vehicle center

The Renault Trucks used vehicle center in Lyon Saint-Priest is also introducing drones to take 360º photographs which will be available on the brand's used trucks e-commerce platform. Customers can see high-quality images to help them to choose a used vehicle.

Each drone is connected to eight markers which guide it according to a predetermined flight plan. Controlled by an operator, the device captures images instantaneously, taking just three minutes to photograph the whole vehicle.

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