Cooperation for deeper understanding of traffic safety

Volvo Group is one of the members in the Sweden-India Transport Innovation & Safety Platform. The platform aims to build understanding and frame solutions for road safety.
Stakeholder of SITIS
Stakeholder of SITIS along with Key dignitaries at a High-Level Panel Discussion in Gothenburg Sweden.

Leading Indian companies and institutes with expertise in safety have come together to form the Sweden-India Transport Innovation & Safety Platform (SITIS) as a long-term platform for innovation and a center for excellence on traffic safety research.

The SITIS partnership will build deeper understanding of traffic safety in India, and provide insights into the core challenges facing many fast-growing economies with similar challenges and their potential solutions. This will provide a unique ability to inform and evaluate policy and technology priorities.

SITS aims to harness technology to bring down the more than 150,000 road fatalities in India each year.

Lead in the safety area

Volvo Group is one of the members of this platform together with companies and institutes who lead in the safety area in their respective domains.

SITIS has already embarked upon its first project which will now be the first example of a concrete bilateral collaboration between India and Sweden -”Safe and Secure Transport corridors in India”.

SITIS vision is “to leverage the know-how of India and Sweden to accelerate progress and deployment of safe & sustainable transport solutions and actionable policies, contributing to significant progress of Indian transport system”. The ambition is also to create a partnership that fosters innovation, develops competence and assets that creates the capacity to address complex challenges and make a significant impact. The platform aims to become a prominent platform for applied research and innovation in the area of safe & sustainable transport.

150 000 deaths per year

The WHO estimates more than 150 000 deaths per year on roads in India and notes that progress has stagnated in Sweden. At the same time there is great potential provided by the new technology paradigms:  connectivity, electromobility, automation, and digitization and AI – where India stand to leap frog in implementing effective technology and system-level measures to improve traffic safety.

This demands an integrated approach where mobilizing stakeholders and implementing cost effective measures is a key challenge. SITIS aims to achieve just that by bringing together organizations leading in the safety arena from Sweden & India.

Facts: Transport Innovation & Safety Platform

The platform include partners such as; Autoliv, Ericsson, Manipal Hospitals, Altair, Saab, Tech Mahindra and Volvo Group, as well as universities and research institutes; India Institute of Science (IISc), Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Program, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (TRIPP, IITD), Chalmers University of Technology, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden; and the technical authorities ARAI, and the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI). The platform will also engage the Vision Zero Academy at the Swedish Transport Administration and Niti Aayog.

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