Dongfeng Trucks launch their new generation of trucks in China

Dongfeng Trucks’ new generation of heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks has been launched in Wuhan, China. Dongfeng KL and Dongfeng KR are brand new truck platforms carefully designed for its customers through five years of R&D development.
Dongfeng Trucks
Dongfeng Trucks

According to Jiang Xuefeng, SVP of Dongfeng Trucks, Dongfeng trucks has been focusing on putting reliability at the very center of the development process since 2013.

“With strict quality design, comprehensive simulation testing, accelerated durability testing, harsh environment testing and user environment testing, we have ensured we far exceed the industry standard in reliability.”

Dongfeng Trucks marketing the new heavy- duty KL and new medium-duty KR range together with the flagship Dongfeng KX and at the same time targeting more price sensitive segments in the China market with the Dongfeng VL and VR range.

This broad truck offering will be combined with aftermarket solutions including maintenance, finance and soft products, so as to find a new way to develop the business under the changing market trend.

Facts Dongfeng and Volvo Group

In year 2015 Dongfeng Motor Group (DFG) and the Volvo Group established a strategic alliance. The legal company Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company Limited (DFCV) was established and the brand name Dongfeng Trucks emphasized.

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