Easy Connect enhancements – By boat owners for boat owners

Today’s customers are constantly connected via smartphones, laptops, tablets and more. As boaters themselves, Volvo Penta’s product experts understand the importance of connectivity. The latest updates to the company’s Easy Connect application have been inspired by feedback from boaters to improve the connected experience, wherever they are.
Easy Connect enhancements

“Our aim is to give boat owners the ability to connect and engage with their boat in a simplified and intuitive way – whether they are out on the water or back on land”, says Maria Andreasson, Project Manager for Easy Connect. “Already, we are seeing the trend, that – like cars – boats are becoming smarter and more connected. We are delivering ongoing updates to Easy Connect with a focus on the smart, connected boats.”

Volvo Penta Easy Connect provides users with data related to the engine, boat, and routes taken – directly to their smartphone or tablet – which can be viewed again when back on land.  Since its launch in 2018, there have been several updates all of which have expanded the benefits to a broader audience. Now, the app offers even more.

Owners can now create a Volvo Penta ID that’s connected to the Cloud. This enables users access to boat data across multiple devices, creating a seamless experience, and making it easier than ever to share trips and information with the whole family. As Easy Connect evolves, having a Volvo Penta ID account will give boaters even more access to key information and features.

 “There are endless possibilities for how connectivity will evolve for boating,” explains Anders Thorin, Head of Marine Electronics. “Providing the ability for owners to connect to their boat in real-time is an area of focus for sure. Along the way, we can see that collaboration across many different stakeholders, including boat owners, will be essential to shaping the future. ”

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