Volvo Group in European collaboration for better city environment

Volvo Group is the first company to offer geofencing functionality to its customers. One of the customers is the public transport company operating in the City of Gothenburg who uses Zone Management to reduce speed in sensitive urban areas.
Volvo Group in European collaboration for better city environment

On 29 May, the City of Gothenburg, the network CLOSER, and the Volvo Group co-hosted a workshop for the European network Polis including cities and regions in Europe to demonstrate how the city works with traffic safety in general and geofencing in particular.

“The Volvo Group participates in a number of initiatives aiming to maintain a close dialogue with all types of stakeholders. It is crucial for us, as provider of heavy vehicles, to engage actively in the dialogue of creating a safer and more sustainable city environment,” says Peter Kronberg, Safety Director at the Volvo Group.

Route 55 in Gothenburg runs with fully electric and hybrid Volvo buses since 2015. Geofencing is used to reduce both speed and emissions. During the day, the Volvo Group had the opportunity to demonstrate in practice how the Zone Management functionality automatically reduces speed when entering the Göta älv bridge in downtown Gothenburg.

“This is a good example of how our Zone Management functionality can be used to help cities reduce pollution and noise in city centers and to increase traffic safety in heavily congested areas”, says Peter Nordin, City Mobility Director at Volvo Buses.

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