Connectivity milestone

On Thursday 3 October, Volvo Construction Equipment handed over four excavators equipped with Volvo’s telematics system CareTrack to a Danish customer. This delivery marked the official milestone of reaching 1 million connected customer assets to Volvo Group customers.
Connectivity milestone

This achievement, thought to be one of the largest number of connected commercial vehicles and machines in the industry, is only the start. Volvo CE has delivered some 150,000 of the Group’s connected customer assets.

At the handover ceremony in Denmark, Dan Vorsholt, CEO of customer GSV Materieludlejning, said: “We are excited to be part of this connectivity revolution and proving what can be achieved with a first-class fleet management system. It is essential that we are able to keep track of every aspect of our business, so being able to monitor our machine productivity, right down to the second, is a major contributor to our success.”

Customers’ uptime, safety and productivity boosted with smart site solutions

The four excavators delivered to GSV Materieludlejning are fitted with Volvo’s smart connectivity system CareTrack. It works by capturing thousands of machine data points, which are monitored remotely in a Volvo Uptime Center by dedicated experts. These experts use state-of-the-art diagnostic software to process huge amounts of real-time data and filter back only the most essential information to the customer and dealer.

Thanks to the collected data, wear on crucial parts can be predicted, services planned and spare parts ordered in advance – all reducing downtime for the owner, thus leading to increased productivity. Combine this with Volvo Group’s connected capabilities across the sector – trucks, buses and construction equipment – and it is easy to see how efficiencies are being unlocked across the value chain.

Jens Ejsing, Managing Director of Volvo CE Denmark, remarked: “Being part of the digital ecosystem is critical to our customers’ success. As a premium brand, we work every day to provide a premium service that will help customers like GSV Materieludlejning use their Volvo equipment in the most efficient way possible. We are proud to be leading the field with the highest quality connected solutions.”

For us, connectivity means not only significant increases in safety, uptime and fuel efficiency, all the while lowering costs. It is also a vital tool to help us realize our goal to build a better world.

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