Digitalised loading carries its weight well

In a construction project, every single load is vital to all concerned since even small disruptions may have a large impact over time. With the help of load weighing and digitalisation a solution was created that not only ensures correct loading every single time, it also offers all concerned full transparency.
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Together with Volvo Trucks, Volvo Construction Equipment and Cpac Systems AB, Per Sohlberg at Volvo Group Connected Solutions Innovation Lab has helped develop a service known as Efficient Loadout.

“My mission was to focus on the customer and the customer’s needs, design prototypes, iterate with the various actors, and then develop our part of the service,” says Per. “In other words, not sell a finished product but work based on the customers’ needs and understand their problems. It’s important to start small; that way everyone understands the concept, there is a clear customer value – and of course a small service is relatively easy to roll out.”

Connected for efficiency, sustainability and safety
The identified customer challenge was to improve the operational efficiency in the load out process resulting in improved profitability and reduced environmental impact. A pilot service is being tested on a construction site in Gothenburg.

It includes ten Volvo trucks and three Volvo Construction Equipment excavators. The excavator operators and truck drivers start by logging into the system, the system gives the driver of the excavator a notification when there is a truck available for loading nearby. At this point the truck driver is given a signal to drive to the excavator and start the loading – all whilst the excavator measures the weight. When the weight goal is reached, a signal is sent in the app that the loading is complete, and the truck can then drive to its specific destination.

Digitalisation also reduces administration. The service transforms documents into easily overviewed information gathered together in a solution that is integrated with the system operated by the public authorities. What you see depends on what is relevant to you. Digitalisation also reduces the risk of accidents as personnel do not have to leave their vehicle cabs.

“I spoke to an experienced excavator operator who revealed that he had resigned owing to stress, there was just too much administration,” relates Per. “Today he’s back at work, using the new service and digging 100 % right."

There are no losers with this service. Together we have created value for customer and society alike.

The next step
Per thinks about the next step.

“We will continue to work tightly together with our partners to identify and develop additional services that improves operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact”, says Per.

The solution is in an implementation phase and the focus is on ensuring that everything functions, and on meeting all requirements and needs along the way. All the parties are satisfied so far.

“A dedicated and enthusiastic development team that quickly responds to new requirements has been key for success here. There are no losers with this service,” explains Per. “Together we have created value for customer and society alike.”

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