Hello CampX, tell me how you’re doin!

Last year the old assembly plant in Lundby, Gothenburg tranformed into the CampX innovation arena with the mission to accelerate technology and business innovation. It is now the workplace for more than 400 employees from different parts of the Volvo Group, working within the areas of automation and electromobility. On top of that, selected external partners are invited to co-create transport solutions with the Volvo Group. Head of CampX is Helene Niklasson.
Hello CampX, tell me how you’re doin!

What has happened since the launch?
"A lot has happened since the launch! We now have a system in place for working with innovation where we use the challenges we are facing in Volvo as well as ideas that come from external partners outside as input for our innovation work. We are running a number of exciting pilots, and have some very interesting innovation prospects in the pipeline through future partnerships with start-ups. An experienced team of innovation managers is in place to support and guide these innovation initiatives.

One insight that was confirmed during the Covid-19 pandemic is the need to work more in partnerships as we cannot develop everything ourselves. The Swedish authorities have initiated actions to make the process of establishing partnerships a smoother and faster process, which will allow the Volvo Group to continue to explore internal and external partnerships.”

What have the reactions been to CampX?
"There is big interest in the concept and this new way of working, from colleagues across the Volvo Group as well as from customers, suppliers, academia, potential partners and authorities”.

Your main takeaways since the start?
"It's great that we are collaborating on innovation across the Volvo Group and that we kick off prioritized innovation initiatives in a lean and rapid manner. A main takeaway is also to keep in mind that this is a journey and we will learn and become better as we go along."

What do you see as top priorities going on?
"We need to keep working to evolve the CampX concept, which is ultimately about finding faster and simpler ways to develop new solutions that we can take to market. I strongly believe we are on the right path, opening up both within the company and towards the outside world. “

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