Hacking urban construction logistics

Students from Hyper Island business school took on the challenge of maximising the time and cost efficiency of construction transport. Volvo Group hosted the Hack Sprint, with Volvo Construction Equipment as subject matter experts and members of the jury. A joint effort to find a solution to a challenge that faces our customers every day.
Hacking urban construction logistics

“On construction sites the logistics are often inefficient and, at the same time, there is a lack of coordination between deliveries and on-site activities,” says Hans Lind, Business Innovation & Foresight at Volvo Group Connected Solutions, who was responsible for coordinating and hosting the digital Hack Sprint.

“As much as 36 percent of all logistics activities on construction sites are wasted effort. That’s why we asked the students how to maximise time and cost efficiency in construction transport.”

Safer, cleaner and more efficient solutions
The Volvo Group’s long-term aim is to drive prosperity from a social, environmental and financial perspective. This means working towards transport and infrastructure solutions that are safer, cleaner and more efficient than the ones we have today. This is in harmony with Volvo CE’s mission of “Building the world we want to live in”.

“At Volvo CE we believe in using the power of imagination, technological innovation and creativity to constantly adapt and improve our offerings so that we can meet our customers’ requirements today and tomorrow. That’s why the Hack Sprints with students at Hyper Islands suit us perfectly,” says Lars-Ola Sjöström from Volvo CE and a member of the jury.

Learning partners
“Volvo has been an important learning partner for our students for two years now and this is the third Hack Sprint we have taken part in together.

I really believe that the collaboration between our school and a large corporation like Volvo helps to promote growth, learning and innovation for the industry, Volvo as an organisation and our students. Real-World Ready is one of Hyper Island’s guiding principles and enabling our students to work on real and complex problems, such as logistics in urban construction, is a great way for us to apply this.

I also see it as a good opportunity for Volvo to connect with future talent and forward-thinking creative people,” says Pernilla Hallberg, Client Partner Learning Partnerships at Hyper Island. 

After three days of hacking, the winning team and the winning solution emerged and Hans Lind concludes.

 “So many good things have come out of this, besides great ideas. We have learnt a lot from each other and added new contacts to our ecosystem of partners.”

What is a Hack Sprint?
A Hack Sprint is a Volvo Group Connected Solutions hackathon series that brings together carefully selected teams to hack real-world solutions for real-world challenges with real-world impact.

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