Sanitize air and surfaces with Envirocare from Prevost

Prevost today launched EnviroCare, a dual ionization system that sanitizes and cleans the air and surfaces in coaches through the air and climate system. A proven technology used in home and automotive applications globally, EnviroCare supports motorcoach operators in providing a safe environment and boosting confidence for group travel riders.
Sanitize air and surfaces with Envirocare from Prevost

“Operators have been using deep cleaning methods to sanitize coaches with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now we can ensure the air and surfaces in the entire coach, including those hard to reach places, will be sanitized,” said Francois Tremblay, vice president and general manager of Prevost. “We are proud to bring this solution to our customers and their fleets creating an environment where groups can feel comfortable traveling together again.”

This dual ionization system is added to the cabin climate system and helps to suppress and deactivate viruses, bacteria and mold that are airborne or on surfaces. EnviroCare uses a balance of positive and negative ions to attach to and change the structure of viruses, bacteria and other pollutants to create harmless and invisible water vapor.

Geoff Lynch, president of Hampton Jitney has worked with Prevost on use and real-world testing of the system in his motorcoach operations. "Our priority at Hampton Jitney has always been the safety and well-being of both our passengers and employees,” said Lynch. “The EnviroCare system helps us achieve that mandate and has been a great addition to our Wellness Protection program for our motorcoaches. We have been working with Prevost to test the effectiveness of the system and we have seen hospital-grade cleanliness in the coach. I have confidence that our passengers and staff benefit from the natural sanitation of the cabin air and surfaces with the EnviroCare System."

Additionally, Prevost leads the industry in air flow standards. All the air within the passenger cabin is refreshed every five minutes and the air inside the coach is filtered every minute. Replenishing and filtering the air so often reassures passengers they are not breathing contaminates from other sources.

“At Prevost, safety is always a priority. We tested many systems with EnviroCare standing out to make the cabin and surfaces sanitized without chemicals, side effects and all trip long,” said Jeff Gagne, product manager. “This technology has been used around the world, in many different industries. It just makes great sense for the specific application of motorcoaches.”

Your Prevost team is always ready to assist by providing or reviewing the system and testing results. Check out a quick video overview at  and visit for further information on EnviroCare and other Clean + Care program offerings from Prevost.


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