Paving the path to your success

In Q3 2020, Volvo Group India launched its first-ever a group-level mentoring program, ‘The Paver Program’, with the first batch of mentees successfully graduating in November 2021. Aiming to cultivate and promote our key talent to adapt to change, develop a network to promote learning and make them future-ready in line with their career aspirations, the program has been a resounding success.
Paving the path to your success

Nine months into the program, 100% of the mentees believed that this program was worth their time with 90% of them acknowledging the positive impact they already felt. Participants reflected on the high engagement towards their holistic professional development and widening their horizon of business understanding, thereby contributing to their individual growth and the organization.


On the mentor side, each one felt that they had improved their mentoring/leadership skills and that the whole the exercise was one of mutual learning where they too learned about other business verticals. While the program directly impacts the growth pillar of our EVP - all stakeholders acknowledged how they were able to see things from a new perspective and larger paradigm because of the cross-functional mentoring; it also helps promote a strong culture of camaraderie and collaboration, and inspiring purpose amongst our employees. Participants opened up about how engaged and empowered they felt due to the open conversations. The program truly lives up to its promise - providing learning insights for participants to pave their path to success.

The Paver Program was a very good learning for me, especially when I was planning for the next step in my career. With the continuous guidance and support from my mentor, I was able to successfully achieve what I set out to do

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