Transforming lives through health and well-being

Providing a safe and healthy work environment, employee friendly policies, good ergonomics, and wellness sessions that result in happier and more productive employees has always been our mantra. The ‘Evolve’ Program was launched to transform lives by strengthening emotional, social, and financial aspects of our workforce thereby increasing engagement and instilling pride.
Transforming lives through health and well-being

But when one goes through five lockdowns, transitioning to ‘work from home’ for almost 80% of our office goers, staying on top of our employees’ physical and mental health can be challenging to say the least.


However, thanks to the fact that our employees’ safety, health and well-being have always been a top priority for us at Volvo Group, we were able to minimize any negative the impact caused due to Covid-19. To ensure continued work at offices for our critical staff, we put in place a Covid-19 Resource Management Team (RMT) who acted with agility in an unchartered space to ensure we met all COVID 19 related SOPs. This effective management is a testimony of the trust, respect, and passion of our employees to rise to the occasion when called upon. We saw how work from home had its own pressures and one of the leading programs we designed early on was virtual yoga sessions. Three sessions per week for interested employees to stretch, sweat and build strength doing asanas went a long way in preserving their physical and emotional well-being.


In fact, mental health has always demanded our attention at Volvo Group. We recognize that improved mental health at work leads to higher performance, trust between individuals and within teams, and high engagement. We offer a wide range of support measures to identify warning signs and prevent factors leading to excessive stress. These range from apps and training videos to face-to-face sessions with psychologists and occupational therapists.

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