Volvo Trucks to Offer Customers New Advanced Roadside Assistance Service Tracking Feature

Volvo Trucks North America announced the launch of an all-new service tracking feature to its Volvo Action Service roadside assistance program at the American Trucking Association’s Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) event this week. The innovative service tracker will enhance the customer experience during an unplanned stop through a digital, user-friendly platform. The company aims to have a portion of its vendors onboarded with the advanced feature beginning in Q2 of this year.
volvo action service tracker
An example of the customer experience with Volvo Action Service using the service tracking platform on a smart phone from start to finish.

“Not only will the service tracker provide a convenient and modernized experience for our customers, but it will also help our highly trained Volvo Action Service employees be more efficient,” said Ashley Murickan, product marketing manager, Volvo Trucks North America. “As nearly every form of communication is digital, we are going above and beyond to provide complete visibility and elevated roadside assistance for our customers.”


The Volvo Action Service service tracking feature offers operational advantages such as efficiency gains, automatic dispatching and enhanced insights for the preferred vendor network. For customers and roadside assistance vendors, the new connectivity features enables Volvo Action Service employees to expedite getting the driver back up and running by:

  • ·Providing transparency through accurate, real-time updates throughout the breakdown event.
  • ·Improved estimate time of arrivals (ETAs) for roadside assistance vendors by leveraging a digitized preferred vendor network.
  • · Modern service experiences with higher visibility and live tracking of the provider’s location via an interactive map – similar to ride share platforms.
  • · Less or shorter phone calls to customers with the option to communicate directly via text throughout the breakdown event.


An added benefit of the feature demonstrates customer transparency and ensures safe and clear communications through connectivity, by offering visibility of the provider truck, name and contact information. The ETA is also updated with live traffic conditions and job progress for even further insights to both customers and the certified experts at the Volvo Uptime Center in Greensboro, North Carolina, which provides all Volvo Trucks customers 24/7 assistance across North America.

“This new technology serves as a true milestone in our efforts to improve customer productivity and uptime,” said Magnus Gustafson, vice president, aftermarket quality and operations, Volvo Trucks North America. “Volvo Action Service plays a critical role in keeping us ahead of the 

curve in the connectivity space, and this added tracking feature will enable Volvo Trucks to deliver on a high-quality customer experience.”

For further information, please contact:


Fredrik Klevenfeldt

Director Brand Marketing Communications, Volvo Trucks North America

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