Data Summit to maximize the value of data

To further Volvo’s journey toward data excellence and a data-driven mindset, the Innovation Lab at Volvo Group hosted the first Volvo Group Data Summit in Mountain View, California in September. The summit brought together data scientists, analysts and business leaders around the globe to discuss how to maximize the value of data created by Volvo assets.
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This summit was a great way for us to connect and collaborate around advanced analytics and AI, to go beyond buzzwords and address the real value.

The first day of the summit featured keynote talks from industry leaders and strategic partners. Kim Gavin, Senior Sales Leader in Analytics at Amazon Web Services spoke on Building a Modern Data Strategy which looked at key challenges in building a data-driven organization. David Hallac, Founder and CEO at spoke on Scaling the Vehicle Lifecycle Analytics and the key steps needed to get to a truly data-driven services model. The first day of the summit also featured a panel of Volvo customers from both trucking and construction industries who shared insights into how they utilize the data produced by their Volvo assets, and how they see potential ways to maximize that data in the future.

“The innovation Volvo is doing right now coupled with the safety promise has been what has really sold us on moving toward a Volvo fleet,” said Erik Covey, Fleet Manager at Producers Dairy Foods Inc. Erik was one of the participants in the customer panel and spoke about how they use the data collected from their trucks to improve daily operations and safety.

The second day of the summit was focused on internal use and access of data. The attendees dug in on topics like how to maximize the value of data created by Volvo assets, Volvo’s journey toward a data-driven mindset, and current data sets, access and tools. 

At the end of the event, all the attendees agreed that a focus on documentation and governance will be key to creating a data culture where data can be shared and managed correctly. The short-term goal will revolve around data cataloging and addressing questions like where is the data, what kind of data is stored, and who has access. By combining data sets a horizontal view of  customers and assets can be created, with the long-term goal of creating a lifecycle view of assets across all events.

The Data Summit hosted by the Innovation Lab office Hub335 in Silicon Valley was a great event that showcased excellent material, collaboration, and partner insight.

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