Volvo Group Australia Celebrates 50 Years of Australian Manufacturing

Volvo Group Australia has just marked 5 decades of building trucks in Australia this week with the handover of 2 special trucks to key customers. The keys to a 50-year branded Volvo FH700XXL were handed over to Scott and Regina Harvey at the event while Nathan Stephens of Ipswich based JR Stephens also took delivery of a 50-year themed Mack Anthem.
Australia Celebrates 50 Years of Australian Manufacturing
H6 L-R Craig White Key Account Manager VCV, Martin Merrick, President and CEO Volvo Group Australia, Gary Bone, Vice President Volvo Trucks Australia, Per- Erik Lindstrom, Senior Vice President Volvo Trucks International, Regina Harvey, Scott Harvey, Johan Selven, Vice President Truck Sales & Marketing Volvo Trucks International, Philippa Wood, Volvo Retail Sales Manager VCV. H5 L-R John Grossman, Key Account Manager VCV, Tode Kuzmanoski Mack Retail Sales Manager VCV, Martin Lambert, Retail Sales Director VCV, Tom Chapman, Vice President Mack Trucks Australia, Nathan Stephens, General Manager, JR Stephens Transport, Per-Erik Lindstrom, Senior Vice President, Volvo Trucks International, David Mcguire, Managing Director, Volvo Financial Services, David Bertini, Director Sales and Marketing Development Volvo Financial Services, Martin Merrick, President and CEO Volvo Group Australia.

Volvo Trucks International Senior Vice President, Per Erik Lindstrom wasalso present at the anniversary event. “We talk about the Volvo family, and you as customers are part of that family.”

“I am super proud to be here to help celebrate 50 years of building trucks here, this country is very important to Volvo Group, and we are here to stay.”

Martin Merrick, President and CEO, Volvo group Australia echoed the sentiment, saying, “While this is a celebration of our success and longevity in one of the toughest trucking markets on the planet, this is also a celebration of customer success.” “Without long term customers like SRH and JR Stephens we wouldn’t be able to mark this occasion.” “Our customers challenge us to go on the journey with them. As they grow and succeed, we too grow and succeed.”

“These companies are just a small part of the colourful tapestry of characters and stories that make up the Australian transport industry yet their contribution to our society and our economy is invaluable.”

Gary Bone, Vice President Volvo Trucks Australia also offered his thoughts on the occasion, “It’s when you dig into the history of these customers and their partnership that you reflect on the journey that they’ve taken over the years.” “Scott and Regina Harvey started SRH milk haulage back in 1996 with a single Volvo at Hexham NSW, move on 26 years over half the time that Volvo has been building trucks in Australia they’re now in three states with over 60 trucks utilising both the Mack and Volvo brands.”

“It’s been an adventure that’s for sure,” said Scott Harvey, Managing Director, SRH Milk Haulage of his 26 years in transport, “But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it all the way through.” “But for me it’s the people and the relationships that make it work.” “The backup and support, especially when you’re on milk 24/ 7, has always been there for SRH without a doubt.”

Tom Chapman, Vice President, Mack trucks Australia also took the opportunity to offer his thoughts at the handover, “We’ve actually been building trucks in Australia for 59 years now, and this year marks 20 years of Mack trucks being built at our Wacol plant.” “And JR Stephens have been here from the beginning, they have been with us on the journey for the entire time.”

“They are also a logistics supplier to our factory which I think is testament to the relationship.”

“Over 50 years we’ve built a relationship with Volvo Group, it’s definitely the people that make the business,” Nathan Stephens, General Manager, JR Stephens reflected, “from the salespeople to the workshops to engineering, we really appreciate the rapport that we’ve been able to build over the years.”

Volvo Group Australia’s Wacol Qld manufacturing plant was established in June 1972. Since that time more than 70,000 Volvo and Mack trucks have been produced at the site. Production of battery electric trucks is also expected to commence at the Wacol plant during 2025.


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