Smoovit goes electric

Starting in February, Smoovit, which manages the consolidation of cargo from different carriers, is now up and running in a living lab in Gothenburg. This smart logistics system will considerably help reduce the number of transports into the city. Right now, cargo bikes are being used as means of transportation, but it gets even better - DHL, one of the partners in the research project, is now using an electric truck from Volvo Trucks!
 Smoovit goes electric

Today, urban logistics is largely responsible for such challenges as traffic congestion and poor inner-city environment but is also a prerequisite for an attractive city. According to a study a large proportion of trucks delivering goods to the city center do not carry a full cargo. About 90 percent of the trucks entering the downtown area are just filled up to one third of the total volume.

To co-load transports to and in the city center will decrease congestion and with electric trucks it will decrease even more, as well as reduce noise.

 ”Congestion is a big challenge that we all face”, says Ulf Hammarberg, Sustainability Specialist at DHL. “We are really happy to have taken another step towards more sustainable transports by adding an electric truck to the project.”

“ Smoovit as a system and business model is something that we develop together in this project”. We’re now testing the system with cargo and an electric truck in a living-lab where we can learn together how to set up the city logistics for the future”, says Cecilia Elb, project manager for Smoovit at Volvo Group Connected Solutions

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