Virtual Reality Training with Oculus Headsets

Virtual Reality (VR) is creating exciting possibilities in a wide range of areas. One is training. In Volvo we are using virtual reality (VR) in trainings, where retail personnel are trained to manage electromobility and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG).

Imagine joining a trainer-led session using virtual reality, simply connecting from anywhere, by just put on an Oculus 2 headset. This is reality today and an opportunity which has gained a lot of interest, for instance at Volvo Trucks.

“With the help of VR we can perform trainings on for instance a truck, without having the physically product at the training facilities, this means large cost savings” comments Johan Cruse, Volvo Trucks. He adds: “Important is of course also that employees can be trained in a safe environment to avoid potentially dangerous situations”.

A pilot is right now ongoing within Volvo Trucks, UK. Volvo is securing the framework to manage devices and supporting end-users wearing an Oculus Headset and joining a training. The VR environments is produced in-house by Volvo Group Digital & IT together with the preferred supplier.

Volvo is starting up tests of VR trainings within several of the brands and to different categories of employees. The trainings, often important from a security perspective, can be conducted anywhere, in a trainer led, multiuser 3D environment.

“There is a huge interest for this technique, the number of possible application areas is increasing”, says Lars Ahnér, Volvo Group Digital & IT.