Seasonal gift 2023: Supporting STEM opportunities for youth in underprivileged areas

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This year the Volvo Group Seasonal Gift – given on behalf of all employees to projects worldwide – focuses on 'Support STEM for youth in underprivileged areas'.
Volvo Group Seasonal Gift 2023
Volvo Group Seasonal Gift 2023

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The theme has been chosen to support the education of young people in disadvantaged areas who do not have access to the resources and opportunities available to others.


Every winter, the Volvo Group makes a series of donations on behalf of all employees to projects and organizations around the world. The aim is to make a difference, improve quality of life and provide opportunities for people who really need it. This initiative, founded in 2016, is known as the Volvo Group Seasonal Gift. 


To decide which organizations, receive the Seasonal Gift, a theme is chosen – one which addresses the challenges that currently affect society. Projects that tackle these challenges are eligible for the Seasonal Gift and nominated by country: those which are deemed most suitable then receive a donation. 


“Supporting STEM education is crucial for the Volvo Group in the long term because it helps educate the workforce of the future. As a global company in the automotive industry, we rely on a highly skilled workforce to design, develop, and manufacture our products. By supporting STEM education for young people, we are investing in the future,” says Johan Reiman, Director Societal Engagement.


This is the full list of 2023 Seasonal Gift projects which were supported​​​​​​​: 



Mini Science Centers to promote creativity and Hands-On learning experience 


Gender Challenge & Education for underprivilege school students in communities close to Volvo Chile Own Dealers 


STEM for Youths in underprivileged areas


STEM aid programme 


Support STEM for youth in underprivileged areas 



South Africa

Volvo Fem-STEM Project


Jobs of the future  


STEM Scholarship and Training Program for underprivileged high school + college students


The Solarbuddy organization  


STEM for Her "Building a bright and equitable future for all"  


Supporting STEM targeted education for Technical School students in Rusocin.


The Foundation for European Research NGO (Hungary)