Volvo Group visits the Women in Tech 2023 conference in Sweden

Women In Tech's mission is to inspire women to consider a future in technology. Women In Tech also want to inspire and enlighten women already in the industry to stay within the field by providing the network and experience of successful, exciting, and pioneering people from the wonderful world of technology.
Volvo Group visits the Women in Tech 2023 conference in Sweden
Olivia Cedvall, Sofia Arntsberg and Diana Banozic, Foundational Products, Technology, Volvo Group Digital & IT

Behind the initiative, Women In Tech stands for some of Sweden's largest and most influential technology companies. The conference consisted of a day jam-packed with tech talks, focus sessions, inspiration, and an incredible crowd of techies. 

Diana Banozic, Head of Functional Products, Technology at Volvo Group Digital & IT, was one of our participants at the conference:

What is the importance of attending the Women in Tech conference?

"It is an amazing conference, with up-to-date topics that inspire everyone. What I like the most is that all tech topics are explained in a way so everyone can understand. For the WIT 2023, the theme was "charged and ready to raise". Several speakers touched the audience with personal stories, inspiring us to be "real". One topic was how the "world war 3.0" is about data and how to be safe and work proactively with cybercrime. Another that inspired me is how Tech supports us to go from "sick care" to "health care". Please go into the Agenda 23 - Women in Tech Sweden  and read more. But short and sweet - up-to-date topics that are inspirational and easy to follow. "

Women In Tech Conference 2023 in Stockholm, Sweden

What will you bring with you from the day?

"To have a diverse company, we must start early. To work with inclusion, be open-minded, learn from other industries, and learn from the younger generation. We need to understand what is required to create a work atmosphere where everyone wants to be and feels safe. After today I remind myself again that it is always a busy agenda, so steer your calendar and make sure to create time for inspiration and learning."

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