“The most important lesson I learned was how varied it was to work as an engineer, no days were the same"

Aime started as a summer worker at Volvo a few years ago, which opened up endless of opportunities for her. Read her story below.
“The most important lesson

What did you do at your summer job?

I was a summer worker for several summers and therefore I have had various tasks. I worked within a project that worked with longer and heavier trucks, so-called HCT-trucks. Within the project, I had tasks such as CADing mudguards that I later attached to a test vehicle, writing a final report for a project and making a packing study. A big variation of practical and some more theoretical tasks.


Why did you want to work at Volvo Group?

I applied for the summer job because I was interested in the industry and to find out what it was like to work as an engineer within the Volvo Group. The fact that the Volvo Group attracted me was also because I share several of my values with the company.


What are your most important experiences?

The most important thing I learned was how varied it could be to work as an engineer, no days were the same. I saw how engineers with similar education could have very different roles. What surprised me was also how much collaboration is needed for a large company to function. You should always dare to ask questions, sometimes even the most experienced engineers don't know the answer.


Do you have any advice for anyone seeking a summer job at Volvo Group?

Don't be afraid to apply! However, the most important advice is to dare to try something you didn't think of. When I got my permanent role, I wasn't quite sure if it was the right department to end up in, however, later when I got more information, I realized that it was very relevant to what I studied before. Had I said no before getting more information, I wouldn't have realized it was relevant. So, if you get an offer that doesn't feel quite right, try it!


Name: Aime Vesmes

Title: Today Product Finance Engineer, previously Summer worker

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Education: Mechanical Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology