AI in Action: A Journey of data and AI driven innovation and collaboration

Embarking on a two-day journey of innovation and collaboration, the AI in Action Hackathon organized by Volvo Group Connected Solutions, a global organization that leads the development of the Volvo Group's connected services and solutions, proved to be a showcase of brilliance and creativity. This global development and training initiative brought together numerous talented minds, fostering an atmosphere of excitement and energy.

The hackathon kicked off with an enthusiastic start as participants dove into various tracks exploring the utilization of AI to enhance anomaly detection and develop methods for synthetic test data generation and incident case handling. Not only were the hackathon members invited, but everyone at Volvo Group Connected Solutions could participate in inspirational sessions, demos and testing of AI tools.

Setting the stage for innovation
Inspirational sessions was held by partners AWS, MongoDB, and Accenture, providing insights into the expansive world of AI. The teams delved into different AI tools, including AWS Bedrock, and SageMaker Studio, pushing the boundaries of AI. The real anticipation, however, lies in discovering which team will emerge as the ultimate winner of the hackathon.

Celebrating every participant
At the end of day two the hack track teams delivered their pitches in short videos, showcasing their solution. The jury of internal and external AI experts picked one overall winner. While everyone contributed to the success of the event, the jury ultimately crowned team “AI test data bot” as the overall winner, an interactive chatbot that promises to enhance quality-of-service incident handling on all levels.

The jury's motivation reflected the impressive achievement of the winning team, demonstrating what it truly means to put AI in Action. The motivation was: “Best use of generative AI and for creating a solution that’s going to be many of the colleague’s coolest new friend on the screen.”

The AI in Action Hackathon proved to be a resounding success, not just in identifying a winner but in celebrating the collective spirit of innovation and collaboration. The dedication of participants, support from partners, and the unveiling of groundbreaking projects underscored the event's significance. And it doesn’t end here, another hackathon is coming up later this year, with hack tracks like Transport Insights and AI Driven Customer Interface.  


Voices from the jury about the hack tracks presentations

I think it's good to be aware that last year 20% of the venture dollars invested into companies went into AI companies, and many of those will probably not succeed because they don't use AI in the best way. But all of you have the deeper AI approach. are targeting a very interesting area of the AI market.” Christina Brinck, acting Head of Volvo Group Venture Capital.

“I think it's great that it's not only the concept, but also the POCs (proof of concepts) already. So basically, the proof of concepts that can be taken further and shown to the business to prove the value.” Oleg Sokolov, Leading Generative AI at McKinsey/QuantumBlack in the Nordics.

“It was great to see what you have done over these hours, you have transformed the concepts into working prototypes!” Anders Hjalmarsson Jordanius Director of Business and Research Development at RISE


“Really impressed by the cross collaboration in the hack track teams, with a clear focus on the job to be done and have fun on the journey. This is what this event is all about - do legendary stuff together and transform data to value with AI in Action.” Robert Valton, Head of Data, Analytics & AI Volvo Group Connected Solutions and chair of AI in Action core team.

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