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Distribution of Volvo Group standards and other standards-related products.

To provide our suppliers with new and revised standards in the fastest way possible, we now only distribute our standards through this Internet website.

Important information

Whenever there is a reference to a standard, the standard is valid. Some of our standards have been labelled "Not for new design", but these standards are also valid if referred to. The text "Not for new design" is an indication primarily for our design engineering departments, stating that the standard is not intended for new designs.

The standards documents collection is continually updated. Before using a printed copy, always check its validity on our official website.

Printed copies of our standards documents are uncontrolled. Remember to always verify that your copy is the most current version. You can do this by opening the standard in question on this website.

How to search for standards

When searching for a standard, omit the prefix (STD, VCS etc.) and only enter the digits.

To find a specific language version, add a suffix (-sv, -en, -fr, -kor, see table below). Many Volvo standards are English/Swedish bilingual and do not require a suffix.

See the details on how to search for a standard in our PDF instructions:

Do you only have the material number/designation?

Use our conversion lists

Below you can find conversion lists for metallic/non-metallic materials.
These will help you find the standards document number if you only have the material number/designation.


Material number V-0517 is found in STD 1105,171
Material designation VIG250/180+SR in STD 310-0001

Got any Questions

Got any Questions?

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