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CampX by Volvo Group is a strategic player accelerating technology and business innovation through partnerships. This is done through three tracks, the Incubator, the Accelerator and the Venture Builder. In the Incubator we invite selected early phase startups to be hosted in the CampX hub in Sweden, in the Accelerator we launch and run short co-creation projects together with startups and in the Venture Builder, the Volvo Group product and business owners get support to validate and bring forward cases with high business potential. The three tracks are highly interdependent and the main key is speed and simplicity. CampX is a global concept represented in Gothenburg SEBangalore IN, Lyon FR and Greensboro US.

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The most comprehensive customer offering of connection solutions for trucks, buses, and construction equipment is provided by Volvo Group. We have the most linked commercial cars and machines in the business, with over 1,000,000 connected customer assets. Our objectives of boosting productivity, reducing environmental impact, and improving road safety all depend on connectivity.


The automotive industry is evolving due to electromobility. Consider enclosed bus stops in a hospital or a mall, or silent delivery trucks making deliveries at night. At Volvo Group, we are using the expertise gained from developing automobiles and automotive systems to develop new technology that will not only reduce noise and pollution on our roads and in our cities, but also completely alter the construction industry.


We think that automation will change how the majority of us use commercial transportation options today. In terms of productivity, safety, energy, and fuel efficiency, automation will have a positive impact on both our customers and society as a whole.

Volvo Group will gradually roll out automated applications since the appropriate amount of automation is decided by its added value for customers and society.


People have always moved and built things, so while that will not change – everything else must. The Volvo Group is driving prosperity through transport and infrastructure solutions. This includes the speed at which we combat climate change, the way we use the planet’s limited resources and how we collaborate. Together with our customers, supply chain partners, governments, societies, and other stakeholders, we are moving quickly to develop and offer cleaner, safer and more circular transport solutions.​


Fintech has brought profound transformation to the transport industry, changing the models how customers utilize our products as well as the experience how customers interact with our products and services. At Volvo Group, we strive to provide customers with revolutionary financial solutions by combining mega-trends in transportation with disruptive fintech innovation. 

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