The CampX Accelerator has more than 70 Proof of Value projects  with different startups in the portfolio.
Are your startup working within the sustainable mobility area developing a product or prototype you can apply to the Volvo Group Startup Accelerator.​ With the lean framework we have in place, a proof of value project will be set up as fast as possible. The projects are always connected to an immediate challenge in our departments and you will gain direct access to our engineers and managers. 

What does Volvo Group’s startup accelerator do?

In our startup accelerator, we launch and run co-creation projects with startups within the sustainable mobility area. Together we will design a proof of value project with the operational department(s). You will gain Volvo Group as a customer, where we together develop your solutions and ideas to incorporate in our offering. By joining our startup accelerator, you will cooperate with the R&D teams of Volvo Group in our CampX innovation hub. You will be able to pick the brains of our engineers, senior managers, as well as former Volvo-Group-employees-turned entrepreneurs. You will also have access to our trucks, facilities, and data if required. 


Why choose the Volvo Group startup accelerator program?

The CampX startup accelerator program is your gateway into the future of sustainable mobility. When working with us, you will gain the support of a world-leading enterprise within the transport industry, empowering and helping your business grow and develop your solution(s).

Upon joining our startup accelerator program, you will be assigned one contact person from Volvo Group. This individual will be responsible for all communication between your startup and us. That one person will be responsible for sourcing the answers to questions, fulfilling your requests, guiding you through the process, etc.

Access to Volvo Group domain experts

You will have access to the Volvo Group rights experts within your domain that can share their competence and industry perspective. You will have a close collaboration with some of the greatest minds in the industry.The experts will help and give input to your product to secure a good product market fit.

Gain Volvo Group as a customer

Volvo Group will be your customer during the process. You will develop solutions addressing problems and challenges in the sustainable mobility area. With Volvo Group as your customer, we will help you create the best version of your solution(s) to incorporate in our products and solutions

Speed and simplicity are key

The goal is to create a shared pilot project as fast as possible. If we select your startup for our accelerator, we will design a Proof of Value project together with the operational department(s). We walk you through the necessary steps to give you the opportunity to highlight your product and its unique features. Proof of Value projects typically are within the 3-6 months range, fast and simple!

Accelerator success stories​

Novum Tech – electric retrofit​

The aim of the project was to assess the environmental, technical and economic feasibility of electric retrofitting for heavy goods vehicles. The project was enabled through collaboration with Novumtech, a startup with expertise in battery design and production, and with financial support from the ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition​

The next milestone for this project is certification of the converted truck in order to validate compliance with current regulations. Once this approval has been obtained, Renault Trucks will begin a phase of tests under real operating conditions in partnership with Clovis Grand Paris in France.​

Read more here.

Foretellix - extended partnership

After a successful Proof of Value Group Project in the CampX accelerator, where the Foretelix portfolio and its potential value in confined areas was evaluated, Volvo Autonomous Solutions initiated an extended cooperation together with Foretelix. “Volvo Autonomous Solutions believes in a collaborative verification concept, one that uses open standards,” says Magnus Liljeqvist, Global Technology Manager Volvo Autonomous Solutions. “The partnership with Foretellix gives us access to the state-of-the-art verification tools and accelerating our time to market.

“We are very proud to partner with Volvo Group. This partnership is a significant milestone for the industry as it is the first time that large scale Coverage Driven Verification will be used for verification of ADS in confined areas. Our partnership will combine the expertise of the two companies and set a new standard in the verification of automated driving systems, boosting both safety and productivity,” says Ziv Binyamini, CEO and co-founder of Foretellix.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A startup accelerator is a collaborative program running co-creation projects with startups to help them grow and develop their ideas and solutions. The primary purpose is to help the companies be able to work independently. This is achieved by providing mentorship, facilities, expertise, connections, and sometimes capital that the startups might not have been able to access otherwise.

A startup accelerator empowers promising startups by providing mentorship, facilities, expertise, connections, and sometimes capital that they might not have been able to access otherwise. It increases the odds for a startup to take off and realize their goals.

An accelerator “accelerates” the growth of an already established startup with a clear idea/solution/product, while an incubator “incubates” an early stage startup to help them realize their ideas and grow as a business.