We are looking for early phase startups developing solutions in the sustainable mobility area, with focus on hardware and complex software solutions. Join our corporate incubator  and co-locate to one of our R&D buildings on site in Gothenburg, Sweden. Validate your ides as quickly as possible and co-design
the future of sustainable mobility​
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What does the Volvo Group’s incubator do? 

If we select your startup for our corporate incubator, you will receive the ability to work right beside the R&D teams of Volvo Group in the CampX innovation hub. You will receive mentoring from our (chief) engineers, senior managers, and former Volvo-employees-turned entrepreneurs.

We value your time as much as you do, and we add value where we think are best suited. Therefore, there are no additional programs and no obligatory workshops in our incubator. We believe you should spend your time on your company instead. We aim to build a strong peer 2 peer community of founders, geared toward changing the world of sustainable mobility. As we would like to work side by side with your start-up, we ask you to move your company to our R&D innovation hub in Gothenburg. 

What types of companies are the Volvo Group looking for to join the startup incubator

For our corporate incubator we are looking for (very) early-stage companies: a team of full time founders with a majority share, a freedom to operate, and a reasonable runway. You need to develop a solution in the sustainable mobility industry, and we focus on hardware and complex software solutions as we believe that is where we can add the most value.

Hands off approach

We can not be clear enough about this: we will not interfere with your business. Your customers will stay your customers, your IP will stay your IP, and your employees will remain your employees. We strongly believe in an open approach and a collaborative mindset.

Why choose the Volvo Group corporate incubator?

Our corporate incubator provides your company with the opportunity to learn and develop your business through regular interactions with the Volvo Group. We help entrepreneurs to capture their uniqueness and offer instant customer validation. The goal of the incubator is to validate solutions as quickly as possible, to give you the necessary support in this process and to create sustainable solutions that will change the mobility industry. 

In short - by joining the Volvo Group Incubator your start-up will get:

  • Access to our facilities
  • Access to Volvo Group experts and mentors
  • Peer-network with start-ups in your industry
  • Potentially gain the Volvo Group as a client

Lukas Crisp CEO  -  Radchat

Radchat enables radars to communicate, to better “see” its surrounding for precise positioning, which can be used for example in underground mines.​

Roman lustin CEO - Fyrqom

Fyrqoms technology automates calibration of the tire pressure monitoring system which reduces time consuming manual handling in factories and workshops.​

Our incubator startups

Frequently Asked Questions

Our corporate incubator is a way to work side by side with startups in relevant industries. Being close to each other will help to develop ideas, solutions, products, or services and to grow as a company. Both for startups as for Volvo Group.

Through the incubator, the startups are provided mentorship, connections, facilities, and quick customer validation.

Our incubator is there for the long(er) run. In the incubator, we focus on early-stage startups and help them quickly validate their solution directions. We work side by side and we ask you to relocate your office to our campus. Our accelerator “accelerates” the growth of an already established startup with a product or service. Having a product or service ready for use is therefore a necessity for our accelerator. A steady team and some secured funding to support product development is almost always required as well.

The role of a corporate incubator is to open up its corporate social network. Startups might otherwise have not been able to access it. Corporates are often active in only one specific industry and know all the key players. Opening up that network and working side by side is a priceless experience for startups. In this way we are different from university-based incubators: they are often technology and industry agnostic, and it is therefore hard for them to support customer validation.

Very often corporates are willing to help startups but want something in return: a first pilot, a first investment, or securing an exit in some way. We do not believe in this approach. We truly think that by keeping our hands off we will create the most value together. We have no desire to limit you in your startup journey. We will not interfere with your customers, your IP or your (potential) investors, and taking equity is not part of our incubator offer.

Of course, if you want us to, we will happily talk about being your first customer, your strategic investor or your advisory board member!

Yes, we will charge a reasonable fee for using our services, comparable with renting an office in any inner city or science park. Our business model revolves around this fee, grants from governments and funding from Volvo Group. The incubator does not take equity.

Our goal is to build an ecosystem of corporates and startups around sustainable mobility. Therefore, your startup success is our success. We have numerous technical challenges at Volvo and it would be great if incubated startups can help solve them, or discover opportunities together with us in this exciting industry, in the short term or the long term. The more successful you are as a startup, the higher the chance you can contribute to solutions.

First, you need to check a few boxes: are you a founding team working fulltime in the startup with a majority of the shares and have freedom to operate? And are you active in the sustainable mobility industry with a hardware or deep-tech solution? Then you can apply here

No, but we highly recommend it. Being incorporated in Sweden means you are more interested in local investors and it is easier for you to apply for research grants and to work together with local actors. 

No, but we highly recommend it. Being incorporated in Sweden means you are more interested in local investors and it is easier for you to apply for research grants and to work together with local actors. 

Yes, go to Gothenburg , and send us an email or send in an application and we will contact you in due time

We are located in the CampX building on the Lundby campus in Gothenburg. Here we have co-located people working within the areas of Volvo Energy, Electromobility, Volvo Autonomous Solutions, and Hydrogen. A certain area of the building will be allocated to startups where you have “your own space” if you want to. 

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