What we do

Innovation Lab is a place where we identify, explore and validate, new ideas and new business opportunities, driven by trends in society. We work closely together with the truck divisions and business areas in Volvo Group, as well as partners, customers and start-ups. It’s a place with a lot of energy, where we have fun and accelerate the ideas all the way to the market

Multidisciplinary capabilities to ensure speed & innovation

Advanced analytics and visualisation

Digital technologies

Business innovation and foresight

Open innovation

Our innovative way of working

Close partnership

  • Projects are conducted in a collaborative manner by multidisciplinary teams.
  • Ideas and initiatives can originate from other Volvo Group business areas, work-shops with the start-up community, or start with a new insight from analyzing data from our connected customer assets.

Insights for creation

  • Research and insight collection to ensure a clear understanding of how the services developed will be used in the real world.
  • Combining insights across industry sectors, digital trends and data from connected assets to find killer applications and generate real value for our customers and Volvo Group.

Speed & innovation

  • Agile methods in diverse and focused concept and venture teams.
  • Rapid prototyping and in-market experimentation to get early customer feedback for continuous improvement in further iterations.
  • Fast design sprints to go from idea to validated business prototype in just a couple of weeks.
  • Proven value in a new service early before investing too much work and resources.

Our Innovation Framework


Design and Test

Conceptualise - prototype - pilot

Validate Value: Is there any evidence that the opportunity is desirable, deasible and viable? 

Our focus areas

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