Moving forward together

Accelerating Europe's Transformation 

The latest Mobility Transformation Forum was held on Tuesday, 23rd May,  2023. 

This year's event took the conversation from words to actions by focusing on the need to have a joined approach across relevant sectors to deliver a zero-carbon future. 

The transport industry is living a unique momentum; we are in the midst of a profound transformation that will revolutionise mobility, making it more sustainable for the decades to come, with the obligation to provide answers to the twin environmental and digital challenges, while at the same time preserving the European industry competitiveness.

Watch the replay of the event and learn how we are driving the industry forward to become the first and only world region to go fully fossil-free by 2040. Explore what the European Union and national governments should do to create the required conditions to support and accelerate this transformation.

At this event we welcomed participants to get up close and see for themselves a selection of a broad line-up of the mobility solutions that will be needed to enable the transformation, ranging from new concept innovations not seen before to real-life solutions which are already available and in commercial use on some of our roads today.

Watch the replay of the 2023 Mobility Transformation Forum event



09.10 Welcome speech:
Ebba Busch, Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden & Swedish Minister for Energy, Business and Industry

09:20 Keynote speech:
Charlotte Nörlund Mattiessen, Policy Advisor, on behalf of Adina-Ioana Vălean, European Commissioner for Transport

09.30 Panel debate:
How will the EU speed up the transition towards green mobility? What does it require from stakeholders from the vehicle manufacturing, logistics and energy sectors? How can policymakers facilitate and accelerate the process? 

10.35 Fireside chat: 
How to meet the increasing demand for green energy 


11:00 Driving transport decarbonization: 
Selection of a broad line-up of mobility solutions, from new concept innovations to real-life solutions.

Speakers at the event

Martin Lundstedt

President and CEO, Volvo Group

Ebba Busch

Deputy PM of Sweden and Swedish Minister for Energy, Business and Industry

Clara de la Torre

Deputy Director General DG Clima, European Commission

Pascal Canfin

Member of the European Parliament, Chairman of the Environment Committee

Anna Borg

CEO, Vattenfall

Oscar de Bok

CEO, DHL​ Supply Chain

Lars Stenqvist

CTO, Volvo Group

Timo Kiiha

Head of Corporate Lending, Northern Europe, EIB

Peter Campbell

Global Motor Industry Correspondent,
Financial Times