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Future transportation solutions

Electric, connected and autonomous vehicles will help increase safety and reduce the environmental footprint. In addition, there is a remarkable opportunity to improve the logistics efficiency in many transportation segments. Trucks often run half-empty, equipment is utilized about 25-30% of the time over the lifecycle and only 5-10% of the consumed fuel is used to actually move goods. We believe entire transportation flows of goods, people and materials can be optimized by assuming a holistic approach and utilizing the latest technology.

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From products to solutions

We continuously improve our existing offer— and we challenge the perspectives with the customer as the starting point. This opens up for new business models where the focus is on offering total solutions that are tailored to specific industry verticals, such as hub-to-hub road transports.

One example is the LIGHTS project in California, USA, where Volvo Trucks has implemented a complete electric eco-system to move freight between two major ports – with less noise and zero emissions.

Orchestrating end-to-end networks

The ability to deliver total solutions requires an understanding of the customer's business, deep industry knowledge and the capability to analyze the different parts of the value chain. We act as a leading end-to-end integrator as well as offer easy-to-integrate products and services through our strong brands. We will serve our customers in an extended eco-system.

One example is the cooperation between Volvo Trucks and Sweden's leading grocery retailer to reduce the environmental impact of goods transport. Read the full story.

Taking full responsibility

In selected cases, we go as far as automating entire flows of goods or processes. Introducing autonomous, connected and electric solutions can lower operational costs, significantly reduce CO2 emissions and create safer working conditions. Productivity, efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand as we shape the future of transportation and infrastructure.

One example is how Volvo Group created the world’s first emission free quarry together with a customer. The successful research project showed a 98% reduction in carbon emissions, a 70% reduction in energy cost and a 40% reduction in operator cost. Read the full story.

Collaboration is the key to the future

Through partnerships, joint ventures, and co-creation, we leverage expertise and technology to create value and accelerate the transition to a sustainable transportation system. Explore how we collaborate and innovate for impact across a range of fields.

Collaborative approach

Fossil-free steel

In a constant search for new ways to reduce climate impact, Volvo Group finds new solutions and think beyond the traditional, to identify new collaborative partnerships. Vehicle production is one such route being explored, and it is leading to exciting new partnerships with the steel industry – Ovako and SSAB. Learn how Volvo Group is using fossil-free steel to move the transport, mobility and construction industry toward net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Green Steel Collaboration

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