Materials Technology Courses

Do you have difficulties in selecting materials for your components? Or do you simply want to improve your material knowledge?
Then, the courses at Volvo Materials Technology are something for you.

There are tons of different materials, surface treatments, and joining methods to choose from. As a design engineer, it can be difficult to know which choices that are best suited for the intended component. This is why Volvo Materials Technology has developed a variety of courses especially adjusted to help design engineers, but also purchasers and test engineers in contact with materials. The courses are held each year.

The experts of the department work with material related issues every day. All have many years of experience within applied materials technology for Volvo applications. They therefore know which problems to look out for, and have adjusted the course contents in such manner. Thus, these events are excellent opportunities to learn how to avoid easily made mistakes and at the same time become a material expert of yourself.

Courses in Materials Technology are held regularly. We can also provide courses at any time of year upon request.

Our courses

Courses in Gothenburg

  • The Basic Materials Technology and Failure Analysis
  • Cast Materials
  • Corrosion
  • Screw Joints – Basic
  • Screw Joints – Calculations
  • Sintered Steels and Powder Metallurgy
  • Steel, heat treatment and forging
  • Residual Stresses-Introduction
  • Introduction to Additive Manufacturing of metals
  • Electronic Assemblies and failure analysis

Practical Information and Registration Gothenburg

Janice Segerfelt
Phone: +46 31 323 41 26

Course Content Information Gothenburg

Dazheng Jing
Phone: +46 31 323 75 87

Our courses in Lyon


Practical Information and Registration Lyon

Christophe Nivert 
Phone: +33 472 965992
E-mail: or

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