Extranet Connect Services

About ECS

The Extranet Connect Service is a general tool for external users who need secure communication to appointed Volvo applications. ECS gives a user access to exactly those applications that he/she is authorized to use. It also secures the data traffic during the transport over a public network, like the Internet.

ECS consists of two parts, one client software (hereafter called the ECS-client) and one central VPN-gateway (hereafter called the ECS-gateway). The ECS-client is used to encrypt/decrypt the traffic to and from the ECS-gateway. The ECS client can be installed on a PC with Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Besides to encrypt/decrypt the traffic to and from an ECS-client, the ECS-gateway forces the user to authenticate before the communication can start. It also decides which applications a user have access to on the Volvo network.

ECS Restrictions

Product Summary

  • ECS gives external users possibility to access appointed Volvo Applications in a secure way.
  • ECS adds user authentication and protection of the communication between client and the Volvo gateway.
  • ECS uses VPN, Virtual Private Network technology, which makes it possible to run securely over a public network.
  • ECS supports both Internet and private network connections as a transportation layer to the Volvo Extranet.
  • ECS supports both dial-up and LAN attached users.
  • ECS demands a software installation on the client.


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