Striking the right balance between well-being and motivation

Work Life Balance

Volvo Group is made up of a palette of unique individuals, each with their own interests, motivations, and life stories. They are passionate about what they do, at work and outside work. Based on our value of trust and our belief that we are at our best when we can be our whole true self at work, we offer an environment where everyone can find a healthy work life balance that works for them.

Everyone’s work life balance equation is different

That is why we believe that in addition to company programs, a good communication and a trusting relationship with one’s manager is the base to find the right work life balance that accommodates all the needs of each individual. 

Creating a healthy work culture starts with the basics – respecting people’s free time. This translates into behavioral agreements that some teams decide together to suit their needs and preferences in a highly connected world – for instance not sending out emails over the weekend.

Flexible work arrangements come in many shapes

Our benefits programs are many and very diverse across our different entities and hundreds of sites. Depending on where they work, our employees may benefit from flexible working hours, parental, study or sabbatical leave, paid time off on specific occasions, special training or support needed to complete a job. Our company policies on matters such as home working align to the needs of our business operations, the location of our premises or even the country legislation and always strive to optimize our employees’ time and reduce our footprint from commuting. 

Services available on our campuses are also specific to each location. They include health, sport coaching or organic food markets in one place, child care or concierge office in another. Our flexible work arrangement aim to make the day to day routine of our employees easier so they can get more out of life.

How we support our employees' life journeys

How fishing in Alaska can teach you invaluable lessons

Teresa Davidson is an energetic woman, to say the least. However, she finds peace and tranquility through her hobby. When fishing salmon in Alaska, she was taught an invaluable lesson. Watch her Group Talk and learn how she applies this lesson in her role as a manager at Volvo Group.

Group Talks is a learning tool provided by Volvo Group University to spread knowledge and inspiring stories shared by Volvo Group employees around the world, in a format inspired by TED Talks.

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          Starting up a new life as a family

          When Volvo Group closed its plant in Madrid, Spain Alberto Ruiz Saez was offered a new job at Volvo Group in Skövde, Sweden. Starting out as an operator, he is now a team leader for one of the shifts. Right now, Alberto works only weekend and night shifts to study Swedish during daytime. He believes that language is an important key when starting up a new life.

          “Everything is different here, but there are also many opportunities. Actually, my wife is also working at the plant as an operator. So, we are a real Volvo family!”  

          High degree of autonomy to fuel flexible engineers' mindsets​

          Working as a project leader at Volvo Group’s technology function, Xavier Delacour is tasked with working out what future engines might look like. This calls for a flexible mindset. “You can’t be too rigid in your thinking. You have to be open and try many different approaches,” he says.

          One of the things he appreciates most at Volvo Group is the autonomy in the workplace. “The work-life balance is a major reason why I’m staying.” he says. Surfing to me is very meditative. So, whenever my schedule allows, I head out to surf.”

          Combining long-term research projects with parenthood​

          During exciting times of technological changes, it is important to remember that personal matters change too. Fredrik Sandblom, senior technology specialist, mainly works on long-term horizon research projects. 

          “Long-term research projects go very well with parenthood. I’ve been on two parental leaves, and I have received only positive feedback from my colleagues and managers. It’s also a relief knowing that the work will be done while I am away and that it won’t be left waiting,” he says.

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