Your ideas can help to shape our world

At Volvo Group we pride ourselves in the strength of ideas and innovation. We work closely with individual inventors, newly founded startups and others to develop ideas that can make our world a better place.

Open to great ideas

Innovation and fresh thinking are crucial for the growth and advancement of any industry, including transport. The ever-increasing global population and urbanization demand more efficient and sustainable modes of transport. Traditional methods alone cannot keep up with these demands; therefore, it is essential to adopt new technologies and approaches that can revolutionize the way we move people and goods around our cities.  The need for creative ideas has never been higher. Fresh thinking also means considering new business models and partnerships across multiple industries to optimize infrastructure usage and reduce costs while improving the customer experience. Ultimately, embracing change through continuous innovation will result in safer, cleaner, and faster transport solutions.

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Advanced analytics and visualisation

Digital technologies

Business innovation and foresight

Open innovation


We are a strategic player accelerating technology and business innovation through partnerships. This is done through three tracks, the Incubator, the Accelerator and the Venture Builder. In the Incubator we invite selected early phase startups to be hosted in the CampX hub in Sweden, in the Accelerator we launch and run short co-creation projects together with startups and in the Venture Builder, the Volvo Group product and business owners get support to validate and bring forward cases with high business potential. 

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Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab is a place where we identify, explore and validate, new ideas and new business opportunities, driven by trends in society. We work closely together with the truck divisions and business areas in Volvo Group, as well as partners, customers and startups. It’s a place with a lot of energy, where we have fun and accelerate the ideas all the way to the market. We employ multidisciplinary capabilities to ensure speed and innovation with the full support of the entire Volvo Group.
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