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Electricity in focus.


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Wave piston design

Volvo Group’s new truck engines are more fuel efficient as a result of their intelligent piston design. 


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Innovations within transport will reshape the cities of tomorrow. Automated driving, electromobility and connected vehicles will allow for quieter, cleaner and safer megacities to grow and prosper.


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Meet Johan Tofeldt

Research engineer


Johan Tofeldt, technical project leader automated trucks at Volvo Group Trucks Technology, talks about automation, the technology that will affect everyone in the long run, and about his job with automated trucks at the Volvo Group

Meet Tomas Karlsson

Software product owner telematics


“The most rewarding is when my team and I face a real tough problem and where we succeed to deliver although it from the beginning looked almost impossible."

"One of our most exiting tasks was to contribute to the function I-see. The truck knows the gradients of the road ahead and can maximize the truck’s kinetic energy, save fuel and reduce CO2.“

Volvo group r&d in short

For us in the Volvo Group, technology means the aspiration to move forward, constantly working together to improve and do better. It means creative and innovative thinking, evolutionary and revolutionary problem solving - all in order to reach our vision:
Be the most desired and successful transport solution provider in the world  

10 000

Number of engineers in the Volvo Group


Number of countries where Volvo Group has R&D facilities


Billions of US Dollar spent on R&D during 2016.
That’s a lot of ideas!

Listen to your city

Imagine a city without disturbing traffic noise. Experience the Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid, a pioneering bus that leads the way in silent, clean and energy-saving performance. Discover what it can do for your city.


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Drone to help refuse-collecting robot find refuse bins

Students from three universities have collaborated with the Volvo Group and the waste recycling company, Renova. The result is a robot that automatically collects and empties refuse bins. A drone on the roof of the refuse truck scans the area and helps the robot to find the bins.


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A global career developing the technology of tomorrow

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R&D milestones and innovations

One reason why the Volvo Group is still around after more or less 100 years is our ability to always be in the technology frontline in our industry. See our history of inventions.


R&D milestones and innovations

Materials Technology

Volvo Materials Technology is a department of specialists in the field of applied material science and technology, which assists the Volvo Group, Volvo Cars and other external customers.


Materials Technology

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If you need pictures or films from our different truck brands and business areas, here you’ll find them.


For us in the Volvo Group, technology means the aspiration to move forward, constantly working together to improve and do better.